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Welcome to Netdoor's Network Operations Center or NOC as it is commonly referred to. Here you can view much of the same information that our support personnel can. You can view the incoming and outgoing traffic on our Internet backbone connections and check the status of selected services. We operate as transparently as possible and to ensure you have the facts about our business operations.

Current Status of Selected Services

If you believe any of the following information is not accurate, please contact us at 1-877-NETDOOR (638.3667).

Service Status   Service Status
Primary Internet Connection Normal   Personal Web Normal 
Secondary Internet Connection Normal   Proxy Server Normal 
Primary DNS Normal   Modem Dialup Normal 
Secondary DNS Normal   ISDN Dialup Normal 
Mail Normal   FTP Server Normal 
Web Mail Normal   On-Line Billing Information Normal 
ADSL Service Normal   E-mail paging Normal 
Commercial Web Normal   NETDOOR Email Filtering Service Normal